George Quaye creates uproar at British Council: Announces wrong winners for ‘Duapa Challenge


The declaration of a winner in any competition for any Emcee/MC, is supposed to be one of the easiest tasks involved in commandeering an event – but that was not the case for experienced TV broadcaster/MC, George Quaye.

At the British Council yesterday, the host of Pundits, who served as the MC for the 2nd edition of the ‘Duapa Challenge’, caused uproar when he mistakenly announced the wrong winners for the competition, observed.

In a typical Steve Harvey style, George wrongfully announced Cow Tribe as the winners, only to change his declaration few minutes after – confirming Trotro Tractor as rightfully victors of the completion.

Patrons were left confused, not knowing what to think, especially when the host had shared a couple of jokes on stage before the declaration of the winner. Some were not sure if the host was playing a prank or not.

For Cow Tribe, it is indescribable how they felt when George announced them the winners, a call they met with jumps and shouts of joy only for them to be told that, their historic win was a mistake – and the cause of that howler was George Quaye.

Winners, Trotro Tractor
Winners, Trotro Tractor

For winning the ‘Duapa Challenge’, Trotro Tractor won a GHc 10,000 prize package to help facilitate their start-up business. They also won a trip to the UK.

Cow Tribe won a consolation prize for placing second with a trip to UK as well.

Duapa Challenge targets social entrepreneurs with innovative social businesses. The investor project is an early stage social innovation support competition providing seed capital, business incubation, social mandate training and exposure to the UK for an already existing and viable social enterprise.

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