Revealed: Basketmouth-Kardashian Photo Fib

On Thursday, Nigerian comedian, Basketmouth, shared an image of himself and US celebrity, Kim Kardashian, on his instagram page, with the caption “Kim K… please chill… i (sic) am busy”.  The picture created the impression that Basketmouth snubbed Kim Kardashian, but thanks to Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, the truth behind the photo has emerged. The blogger made a recount of what actually happened:

“I was at the event and here’s what happened. It happened a year ago at Darey’s ‘Love like a Movie’ concert. Basket was the host at the pre-event gala and during his set; he jokingly told Kim he wanted a pic with her that would make him look cool. He said something like ‘You try to talk to me and I’d act like you’re not one of the most sought after women in the world, like I’m too busy to talk to you.” A smiling Kim graciously obliged him and so they took the pics while everyone laughed. It was all fun and jokes.”

So, there you go! Basketmouth didn’t snub Kardashian.

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