COPYCATS! People ‘Steal’ My Jokes Without Giving Me Credit – Lekzy DeComic

It is interesting to note that the act of copying materials without assigning the necessary credit has crept into the comedy industry – and young, enterprising Ghanaian comedian, Lekzy DeComic is complaining – can state.

He has expressed his displeasure on the rate at which Ghanaians copy  jokes of comedians and do not even creditm the. According to him, most people come to his shows and later post his jokes on their timelines without even crediting the originator.

He believes that copying the jokes of a comedian without crediting him(Lekzy)  is equivalent to sleeping with his wife.

“This same people come to our shows and claim that we are not funny. The same jokes these people claim to be vulgar are the same shared by these copycats on social media. What a world we live in?” he cried.


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