An Ode to Woman – WHITNEY WRITES, on Int. Women’s Day

For the warrior, the fighter, the woman juggling fire wood, a baby, and  holding a stack of plantain for dinner , the poise, elegant,  the sister supporter, the mother who gave up her dream so her children’s dream will come true.

For the woman who left her high-paying job, to  pursue and set up her own job, to the stay- at-home mother who is the bedrock of her family, to the woman who has to wake up early everyday to cook and feed thousands.

To the firefighter, the waitress, the teacher, the nanny, the cabbie, the stylist, the Police Officer, the head porter, the lady hustling to sell her wares in traffic so her children can be better than her.

To the woman breaking barriers, in a world full of men, here’s to the woman saving a tiny human life in neonatal, the phenomenal woman, and the never-give-up woman.

Today, we celebrate you, take a bow, woman, you earned it!

Today, remind yourself, you are a woman, phenomenally so!

Happy International Women’s day!

We are women, proudly women!


Pictures courtesy: Kobby Blay, Yaw Pare, Emmanuel Bobbie, Capture Your Memory Bank

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