I’m not engaged, I bought the ring myself – Nadia Buari

Nadia Buari wears what looks like an engagement ring; but I’m not engaged; I bought the ring myself, she says in reaction to media reports that she is engaged.

Since Nadia Buari and Nollywood ‘bad boy’ Jim Iyke developed a certain bond, the pair have been in the news for all the love reasons.

Although they have vehemently denied any love relationship brewing between them, the Nollywood actor recently took her on a five-city European tour for her 31st birthday.

The rumours that the two are in a relationship gained currency when it was reported that Jim might have popped the all important “Will you marry me,” question to Nadia with an engagement ring.

Reacting to the rumours in an interview with Myjoyonline.com, Nadia dispelled the rumour saying the media are always bent on making news out of nothing.

Stretching her beautiful, delicate fingers to show some rings, she said, “When you look at these rings, I think there are three of the same kind of ring so is this an engagement ring? I think you guys want to make a story out of nothing.”

Asked the source of the rings and if they were only for fashion, Nadia said, “Of course.”

‘The Diary of Imogen Brown’

Ring on Nadia
Ring on Nadia

Nadia Buari is set to premiere her first movie production, ‘The Diary of Imogen Brown’ on December 23, 2013 at the Conference Centre.

‘The Diary of Imogen Brown’, a true life story, tells the story of Imogen Brown, a successful business woman who had it all – an incredibly beautiful daughter, a great home, a diamond business empire and a handsome boyfriend.

Unknown to her, her envious boyfriend, Tyler Graham, who had been having an affair with two of Imogen’s closest friends, was only interested in her wealth.

After many failed attempts to persuade Imogen to marrying him so he could take over her company, he decides to walk out on their six years relationship. In trying to get over the pain of heartbreak, she meets Stanley Coleman who introduces her to all kinds of drugs and as a result becomes an addict.

The movie stars Jim Iyke, Charles Bruce, Soraya Mensah, Heba Khaled, Kevin Boateng, Prince Mingle, Beatrice Dadson and Nadia Buari.

Asked what inspired her to go into movie production, Nadia explained that the “passion, the zeal I have for it is what inspired me and for the fact I it’s something I studied.”

With young actors and actresses including Yvonne Nelson, Yvonne Okoro and herself venturing into movie production now, Nadia dispelled assertions that she is also releasing the movie just to jump onto the bandwagon.

According to her, “the reason why I decided to do my own production is basically because I grew up in a production home. My father owned a production studio where he did his own movies, I grew up watching him and I aspired to own a production company one day.

“If now is the time, I am not too sure but I’ve realised over a period of time that there is no such thing a perfect time, I have been waiting to do this for a really long time,” and that this is the right time for her. Already, she has written about five movie scripts.

With about years experience in the movie industry and dozens of movies under her belt, Nadia revealed that she “felt that if I want to come out and do my first production or my first movie it has to be something that people can take something away from.”

She finished shooting ‘The Diary of Imogen Brown’ in August 2013 and it was her aim to make it a Christmas gift to her fans.

Asked about the feedback of her first production, Nadia noted that feedbacks from fans “has been impressive.”

Proceeds from the premiere, she disclosed, will be going to the Nadia Buari Foundation, which is into charitable works.

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