WHERE DO THEY BELONG? Actors, ‘Instagram Queens’, Brand Influencers Or Sex Models?

We do understand that, in the present era of show business, celebrities are bound to engage in other ventures aside their core calling into the craft; musicians are also into acting, hotel business, child ware business, while actors are also getting into brand deals, pasta production, clothing lines, sportswear etc.

Interestingly, these celebrities are well-paid for every venture they partake in!

In Ghana, however, the situation is quite different and confusing. www.entertainmentgh.com explains!


Some of our female celebs are all over the place. They claim to be actors, which is great – but unfortunately, we are not sure what sort of acting they do: whether on small screen or big screen. We hardly see them feature in any major television series and movies, so, we not sure of the actor tag that is placed on these fine celebs.

Instagram Champions

Instagram is where the action is! You don’t see them in movies? Scrap that – go on to their pages on Instagram, there’s no dull moment.

On Instagram, they are directors, actors and producers, oh wait, they are also their own sound and light men – they control everything.

Here, they give us all sort of photos; all pleasing to the eyes – yes they are!

Sex Models?

Sex modeling is a job. You get to model sex-related stuff; lingerie, thongs, brassiers, etc etc and sell magaizine covers too. And guess what, you got to show a lot of skin, yes! You need to exude everything sex.

With what some of our female celebs exhibit on their Instagram pages, they can easily pass as sex models. Sultry tits and fat booties are always on display – for free!

Unfortunately, while those foreign sex  models are making big bucks from modeling for brands and magazines, our people here are doing it for free – okay.

Brand Ambassador?

Interestingly, these celebs do not show all that skin in the name of selling any brand. There’s no panty-producing company or bikini-distribution firm that has contracted these ladies to be flaunt all that, so, what is the point?

Besides, they have been showing their bodies since Adam, yet, no Company or Brand is approaching them for a contract, so, what is the point? Oh, fame it is!

All For Fame

Boy, do not worry your head, mulling over what these celebs are up to, showcasing their asses and tits all over social media. There should a motivation factor that gets them to do special, sexy photo-shoot every 3 months.

You are not the only eyes they are feeding – there are bigger eyes who just don’t watch – they act!

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