Andrew Tee Adote – Face of Ghanaian Theatre

If Ghana had its version of the Tony Awards, the most prestigious awards scheme in the world that recognizes achievement in theatre, then one person would have stood tall and racked up several and dominated for years.

Unequivocally, www.entertainmentgh.com can declare that, Andrew Tee Adote is the face of Roverman productions, no – that would be an under-statement; he is indeed the face of theatre in Ghana presently.


Andrew at his best on stage
Andrew at his best on stage

Considering the fact that, Roverman is responsible for the resurgence and sustenance of theater in Ghana, Andy’s status as one of, if not the best actor in the business can hardly be disputed.

In the over 30 plays thus far released from the stables of Roverman, one actor has arguably featured more than any other actor over the years and that is Andrew.

His consistent feature in almost all of Ebo Whyte plays is no fluke. There’s a reason the famed playwright always depend on a person like Andrew to lead in his plays. He has trust, confidence and conviction in the actor and per the observation of this portal, Andrew exceeds all expectations.

In the movie 'Beasts of No Nation'
In the movie ‘Beasts of No Nation’

Andrew is exceptional on the stage and he has almost become a consummate actor with very little flaws.

His towering figure and his chiseled body could make most Broadway actors whimper with envy but it is his outstanding skills on stage that brings the enthrallment and etches smiles on the faces of regular patrons who see him as part of the cast.

Indeed, he has been part of the last 15 consecutive plays, making him the most consistent actor ever contracted by Ebo Whyte, who is known for sometimes, altering his cast for different plays.

'King' of the theatre
‘King’ of the theatre

The attributes of Andrew as a brilliant actor are enormous; he fits into every role assigned him and gives it his all. He attaches such zeal, vigor and enthusiasm to every minute he spends on stage as an actor.

He is articulate, witty, flexible, and believable and oh, he is a damn good singer too! Wait, did I write about his dancing skills? Amazing!

He has featured in other productions like TIGO commercials and international flicks like, ‘Beast of No Nation’ and others; but without a shred of doubt, he is the ‘King’ on that theatre stage.

Until an award scheme dedicated to hardworking actors and producers in Ghanaian theatre is established, www.entertainmentgh.com  bestows on Andrew Adote, the ‘Face of Ghanaian Theatre’.


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