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WHITNEY WRITES: Check The ‘Roots’ In Your Life!


WHITNEY WRITES: Check The ‘Roots’ In Your Life!

My mother once told me, that it does not matter where you go in life or who you are with. As a woman, you will always need your tribe of women, even if they are two; women who you go through life with, the good, the bad and the ugly

These are the women who never judge you, not once; they are the women you can call at 2 am, they are there to tell you the truth. They will argue with but not to disrespect you, they will hold your hand, rejoice in your success as well as to push you to be better.

Every woman needs her tribe; you are the tree with a branch, stem, leaves, roots, and fruits or flowers.

The leaves may come and go, they are seasonal, so, learn to let go when seasons change.  Seasons came to teach you along your journey, you can’t stick a leave that has fallen back to your tree.

The stem and branch may stand with you for some time, depending on how you treat each other.  Some may stay through life’s journey and some may go. For those that stay, treat them right, those that choose to go, release them. Do not try to hold on to something that was not meant to stay in your life.

When they leave, do not talk ill about them, no matter how hurtful and tempting it may look.

The leaves that have fallen off will come and ask how that stem fell off, if they can try and patch up to your tree, resist that, for they are the ‘middle’ people that will cause you problems. They will tell the stem what you said and did not say, what you did, and did not do, resist the ‘middle’ man leaves.

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Your roots, these are rare, gems, and so valuable, you may not be in touch with your roots every day, but you watered, nurtured and cultivated your roots so much, they are firmly planted in your life.

When you get in touch, it is like you never left, you are sure you can trust them with your life, secrets and home, and it stays that way. You are sure you can disagree without any of you thinking it is the end of your friendship.  Your roots know you, they grow with you, protect you, pray with and for you, can look you in the face and tell you – ‘you goofed’, but there’s  a better road ahead.

Know the kind of tree you are my dear, and what is on your tree and deal with it accordingly!

Finally, the fruits, or flowers; these are your joy – kids, partner, family.  You bear all these, in seasons, when they bloom, celebrate them, when season’s fail, nurture them. For these fruits, are your light, laugh with all, but be circumspect of who you allow in your roots.

It is not pride; make it so hard yet beautiful that not everyone can be your root!! For roots that stand all time are rare!


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