Stop Patronizing Fred Nuamah And Co.

This year will mark the third year for the haphazardly-handled Ghana Movie Awards and so far, it is clear that organizers have been playing with the event like children playing with Lego. The likes of Fred Nuamah, Prince Tsegah and their associates are touted as industry players but their special way of organizing the awards in the last two years can be described aptly as abysmal.


It is obvious that the organizers are either a bunch of confusion makers who are bent on just breeding confusion amongst actors, directors and everybody else within the industry – or they are implicitly ignorant about how to do an awards show. With their zero knowledge in handling an awards show as prestigious as the Ghana Movie Awards, one would expect that, when they go to the Cannes Film Festival – they will at least pick one or two standards used to organize awards. They just go there to gawk at the Hollywood stars, take pictures by themselves and then go shopping, and then of course, they come back as empty-handed and empty-headed.

They brought confusion when they handed over one car to four actresses to share during the first edition. They engineered confusion when they failed to present the car prize to any winner at the second edition and they sure breed confusion when a year after organizing the show, some actors and actresses are yet to receive their plaques. They are the undisputed ‘lords of confusion’ when they keep flipping dates for the awards show as and when they want it.

Fred Nuamah


The organization of the Ghana Movie Awards follows no pattern, from the methods for nominations to the announcement of eventual winners at the main event. The only synonymous thing with the other internationally-known movie awards is the wearing of tuxedos.

I have never heard about the postponement of any edition of the Oscars or the Golden Globes as well as the BAFTAs. These international awards are planned months ahead with every aspect of the event strategically scheduled, from the nominations process, release of nomination list, promotional drive for event to the main event.

In Ghana, the movie awards are done just anyhow in the most careless manner. Sometimes, it feels as if the ordinary JHS students can even plan any of their entertainment events better than what Fred Nuamah and co. does to the awards.

In this year’s edition, the date of the event has been changed for the umpteenth time, industry players including the media are oblivious of how the nomination process was handled. The industry is not privy to the definition of the categories and the set of criteria for the awards are only known by the organizers.

These guys just get up and as it were, do whatever they deem appropriate for the awards and take everybody along with their tomfoolery. How can you release a nomination list today and organize the main awards in five days? Which sane event organization will even entertain such an infantile thought?


With the new machinations by Fred Nuamah concerning the awards, his strategy to ride on any form of controversy to propel the awards has been exposed. Everybody now fathoms why Fred and his cohorts do what they do. To Fred, the media fancies talking so give them something to talk about and once they talk and blabber, all they do is draw a much-needed attention to the awards.

It is obvious that Fred and co. intentionally act a fool with the organization of the awards, all to draw some silly controversy and attention to the awards, regardless of how inimical it is to the industry and its hardworking players.

After the debacle of handing over a car to four accomplished actresses, we talked about it for a year until the 2nd edition came up. After the second edition, some winners have still not been given their plaques and the ultimate winner is yet to have his/her car prize. The intention was to let the media and general public joust over this controversy for a year until this year’s edition comes up. They were not too successful with that because obviously, the media was frazzled with their antics.

Then the threw their last card; organize a press conference, announce the nominations list, fix a date for the main awards and then quickly change the date two days later to its original date. If the media doesn’t take this and run with it, then they have no news. Yes Fred, we have no news. We have seen through you and your attempt to use unnecessary controversy and the media to project your event. Who told you that, if you do things properly just like the Music Awards and other well-planned events, the media will not support you?


The obvious motto for Fred and co. over the last three years has been; ‘We do what we want’ and that explains why they get up anytime and do whatever they like with the awards.  It’s about time the media stopped talking about the Ghana Movie Awards and Fred Nuamah. It’s just a waste of time, energy and resources to write, debate, analyze the Movie Awards and its sub-standard organization. Until things turn around for the better, this is my last piece on this event, which is supposed to be one of the much-publicized and well-organized events in Ghana due to the growing standards of the movie industry.

Fred and co. can decide to play ‘chaskele’ with their awards and that is their business. We have talked much about this since the first edition and if he still decides to plunge the industry into a state of ridicule for his parochial interest, that’s his business.


All these guys watch aloof as things go wrong with the GMA

Fred could be the worse event organizer in Ghana but there’s one thing that works for him every time – and that’s his ability to galvanize actors and actresses to follow his cause, regardless of how obnoxious it may seem and that is worrying.

How many artistes have not openly criticized the Ghana Music Awards or the 4Syte Music Video Awards or how many radio and TV personalities have not openly lambasted the RTP Awards? With the Ghana Movie Awards, nobody seems to care about its organization, not the actors or the ineffectual Actors Guild or FIPAG.

The actors are very much aware that things are not going well with the awards, yet, none of them is gutsy and ballsy enough to come out and express his/her disapproval on how the awards are organized.

What bewilders me the most is the fact that, these actors and actresses have travelled across the globe to witness and win awards at various awards shows and they come back to Ghana and keep mute over the higgledy-piggledy way the awards are done in Ghana.

As for the Actors Guild and FIPAG, they are toothless bulldogs who can’t even bark, let alone show their non-existent tooth. Why would they even speak, when they can’t even put their own houses together?

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