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WHACK? Fans Not Impressed With New R2Bees Joint, ‘Plantain Chips’


WHACK? Fans Not Impressed With New R2Bees Joint, ‘Plantain Chips’

Ghanaian super music group, R2Bees, have been on a hiatus, much to the chagrin of their fans and music lovers and when they decided to finally release a tune, the reception has not been as welcoming as done for previous bangers from the group-

The group released visuals to their new song, ‘Plantain Chips’ and some fans have expressed their contempt of the song.

The portal, sampled some of the negative comments to the video, which is quite unusual of the group, which has always received indisputable praise for their releases.


This R2Bees rapper dude needs to quit rap or shut the fuck up forever. Dude is wack AF.

Kwaku Andoh Abban:

I’m disappointed. They all seem like they don’t want to be there. Very lifeless video and as I said earlier this song has good beat but has no content. Repetition repeation. It’s a shame.


Is it just me or this song didnt cut it….not the track nor the video…..well r2bees are way better than this so i kno they gonna bring out sumthin doper soon. Plantain Chips dier daabi mehn…..its not even a term in GH, unless they gonna make it trend around these parts soon.

Bana Akua:

R2bees can do so much better than this this this….


I love R2Bees for sure, but what’s with these horrible lyrics.

Duke Paps:

It’s not captivating this music clip , they didn’t put more efforts into the clip and the chorus according to me

Ben Frimpong:

The only wack r2bees songs i know


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