BEING HOPEFUL? Ghanaian Comedy Can Survive – David Oscar

David Oscar

Ghanaian comedian-turned- reggae musician, David Oscar has stated that he believes Ghanaian comedy can still survive despite its current state.

David, best known for headlining popular television program, Laugh A Minute on Viasat 1 made an appearance on Citi FM yesterday. monitored!

He spoke of his undying ardor for comedy and advised Ghanaian comedians to join forces to make comedy in Ghana better.

“I strongly believe that comedy in Ghana is not dead, it can get better, all we need to do is come together and work towards the common goal,”he stated.

The winner of the comedy session of the maiden edition of Stars of the Future, has waded into fierce battles, arguments and fights for the liberation of Ghanaian comedy from dejection.

David, who led the movement “GHComedy”, an initiative that fought to gain visibility and acceptance for Ghanaian Stand-up comedians.

After he put comedy on hold to pursue reggae music, David has released songs like, “Never Chat Them”, “Rasta Love”, “Haters Feelings”, “Monalisa”, “Blow” and “Livity Attitude Rhythm”

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