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EXPENSIVE JOKE! Mr Dumelo Cannot Be Owned By One-Afia Schwarzenegger


EXPENSIVE JOKE! Mr Dumelo Cannot Be Owned By One-Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger.

Multiple award winning actor John Dumelo, happily married Gifty Mawuenya over the weekend. Their traditional wedding ceremony was simply beautiful and everybody is happy for the new couple including TV Africa’s Afia Schwarzenegger.

The controversial host of the Political Police show,  created a joke which your favorite news portal, addresses as an expensive one.

Schwarzenegger on her Tuesday evening Political Police program firstly, congratulated the new couple and consoled ladies whose hearts have been broken after hearing about the celebrated actor’s marriage with Gifty Mawuenya. She asked them not to cry because she is of the view that Mr. Dumelo cannot be owned by only one lady.

To her, John after his honeymoon will definitely cheat on his wedded wife, Gifty. She jokingly said on the show that “John will service all of you when he is back.”

 “John Dumelo is off the market so I congratulate him. This marriage issue has made several ladies sad but I asked them to take heart when they came to inform me because we will not allow. That is why I didn’t step foot at the engagement. The wife is very beautiful but John Dumelo is bigger than one woman. How can we allow only one woman to camp fine boy? All the ladies crying, stop it and take heart. John will service all of you when he returns from his honeymoon. Don’t be worried because somebody has to give birth for him by all means.” Afia Schwarznegger said.




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