DEALS OFF! I No Longer Have Any Ties With Black Cedi – Stonebwoy

First, there was the shock announcement of Black Cedi not being his Manager with a new role of agent being assigned. Stonebwoy attributed structural changes at his label for the decision – knows this!

Now, Stonebwoy has disclosed that since his former manager Black Sidi was made an agent, he has not done any work in that capacity.

Speaking at a Press Conference at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra, he said he now does not have any working ties with Black Cedi – reports!

He explained that the initial agreement did go as expected. Last year, Stonebwoy announced that Black Cedi was no longer his manager but rather an agent. This was after it news had it that the two were locked in a disagreement.

At present, Stonebwoy has not announced any manager yet. According to him, Ghanaian misinterpret the role of Managers and tend to give them all the credit for works done – therefore, he now has a strong conviction in a Management team where everybody gets to play their respective roles.

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